Corgi air lift.

Cat torture and humiliation is great.

I put JP’S dinner in one of his puzzle toys and left the room for a second. It got really quiet. When I came back I couldn’t find JP at first… he had rolled his toy behind the bike and some moving boxes and gotten stuck. Even when I moved the boxes so he could get out, he was more concerned about the food than his own freedom.

I drew JP while he was snoozing.

To celebrate my new employment, there’s only one thing to do - buy stuff for the boys. But I’m torn!! SO MANY CHOICES.

Ok, firstly, a new martingale for JP. I recently got him a great leather buckle collar to use with his flexi leash, but there’s not enough green space around the new apartment so we have switched back to using the martingale and standard leash for safety. His martingale is about 2 years old and it’s looking dirty and faded (although structurally it has held up wonderfully!). I want something simple… and I’m really liking the collars from KIWIDOG because they are solid neutrals. I’d be getting him one that’s 1” thick (the ones pictured are 1.5”). Maybe a dark collar with a herringbone pattern, to make him look sophisticated? A beige collar that will become an artistic canvas for mud and dirt? A collar with orange highlights to match his fur?

Next, Toven. He’s had a cute purple bowtie collar from PetSmart since we got him. I did get him some cute tags a few months ago. I may be feeling a little guilty that JP has a closet of collars, leashes, ties, and bowties and Toven just has one collar… who knows? His grey fur is just so nice, he could pull off any color or pattern. And these from maison la queue are so cute! Maybe a deep red, because he is the devil? Or neon green, to warn visitors he’s radioactive? Grey, so he can blend into the shadows? Purple, because it’s cute?

So, I’m extremely torn, and I have to think about it… but I think I’ve narrowed it down to these…

Mahm I’m hungry.


Happy Friday everyone!

WOW…we are blown away by the bidding activity going on for mini Chompers* and his little ducky sidekick, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your charitable and generous spirit to benefit CorgiPals and CorgiAid, Inc.

Haven’t gotten in on the bidding yet? Only TWO hours left (auction ends at 1pm PST)! We can’t wait to see which loving home these cuties will be going to!!auctions-and-fundraisers/cbgp

OMG! Final results are in! $460 to charity!

JP on the car ride home (pre-bath) and napping at home (post bath). He smelled so good!


Hiking in the misty mountains

Nothing better than hiking with your corg.

Hawaiian licence plates in Georgia.

How exactly does that work?



UADC weekend stash. #corgi

This is Sawyer. She is the most talented, stumpy, accomplished corg out there. Guys, she does Frisbee AND Dock Diving. Let’s all take a minute to be jealous of Sawyer.


(via corgiaddict)

"I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna cross this creek…some other day."


Tried to go to sleep and this happened.

I can’t even.

Listen, we’re going to need these two to stop being so damn cute.

He was so pumped about rock climbing that he jumped out on this ledge before realizing it didn’t go anywhere.