Ok, so, Yeah! Burger is the best. And they’re doing a contest on instagram. And naturally a photo contest is the perfect opportunity to utilize JP and Toven’s cuteness for gain.

JP was a boss. Toven was…. difficult. Kevin wanted to put the Yeah! Burger sticker on a string so that my hand wouldn’t be in the shot. That worked great for JP. Toven thought it was a toy. He batted, grabbed, and chewed. His outtakes were magnificant, as you can see. I ended up using a picture with my hand in the shot. :P


This shot didn’t turn out like I expected…

Thanks, Kevin.

Kevin left his laptop open, so Toven helped by restarting it.

I have neglected you guys (having a real job is really time-consuming) but I have not forgotten my promise! To celebrate TheCorgi hitting 2000+ followers, I will deliver the following requests next week:

1. A selfie with JP - faerielandcorgiandbeagle, kipperthecorgi, redhairedshanksthecorgi

2. A selfie with Toven - ladylondonthecorgi

3. A selfie of me hiding under a blanket - sweetcorgi

4. JP with TWO pupcakes - corginaut (he will love that)

5. Toven ankle biting - albertthedogo (thanks jerk)

It all starts Monday.

Various corgi-goat rock climbing pictures from the last month or so.

Post-apocalyptic corgi is on his own…



Happy Autumn!

Favorite. Season.

Corgi in a sweater.

(via freshrosemary)

Find the corgi.

So, the kid behind JP asked her mom (who was standing next to me) to get a picture. When JP heard the shutter he struck a pose. The mom thought he was hilarious! She said, “don’t worry, handsome, I got you in the picture too!” I can hardly get this turd to look at me when I get a picture, but he’ll toss out a blue steel for any stranger with a camera.

gertythecorgi asked: is that a Die Hard quote behind JP?

Of course!

Wow. Sorry. JP’s new collar came in weeks ago, but I never got a good picture of JP wearing it, so I held off posting about it… oh well.

It’s really cute!

More rock climbing pictures.


faerielandcorgiandbeagle requested: a corgi and momma selfie!!!

You’re a monster.

I’ll take any other requests. Any. Please.

Alright. You guys win. I will deliver. :P