Ahhh, the green grass is back!

Ummmm… What happened last night?! I have been keeping tabs on Cupcake Corgi and yesterday it was headed towards 16000 likes/shares.

This morning I checked it and it’s suddenly at 25000+?! What?? Who is the awesome famous tumblrer who reblogged it and added 10000 notes overnight??? I would like to say thank you! But I can’t look back through so many notes to find you…

Totally forgot to update about Toven’s food. I ordered the new food, 2 day delivery. Got it early this week. This new bag contained kibble that was the correct size and shape. Toven is happy. Trying to get a refund for the bad bag.


These two. Best friends already. Korben the corgi and Tywin the cat.

This is a great name for a cat.

JP found a giant tree root overtaking the sidewalk.

Can we do a thing where everyone changes their significant other/co-worker/neighbor’s background picture on their phone/tablet/computer to JP the Cupcake Corgi?



Someone brought doggie cupcakes to the dog parkā€¦.

This is my dog.

I made this my lock screen on my phone today because it makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. JP is my spirit animal.

JP is on his way to world domination. And an endless supply of cupcakes.

JP is just too cute for captions.

Toven only sits in my lap if I’m on the porch. He won’t even sit on the sofa with me.

But! Right now! He’s curled up in my lap, purring, while I play Guild Wars 2. Yay!

Can you find JP’s pink dragon plushie in this picture?

My corgi is so mean. He acts like he wants to sleep in the bed with me, but he just sleeps UNDER the bed.

Walkin’ walkin’ walkin’ walkin’ everywhere.

Work has gotten so bad lately. It is so frustrating. Anyone out there with a control freak boss with some short-term suggestions? I’m at my wits end.