Beach derpin

The derp is strong with this one.

Too strong.

These are my boys.

Corgi tracks and deer tracks in the mud at Red Top Mountain.

We went to Red Top Mountain state park yesterday to celebrate labor day weekend. They had a cabin set up with old farm equipment and stuff. JP wanted a better look.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
god it is so nice to see a corgi that isn't morbidly obese and gets the right amount of exercise you don't even know.
thecorgi thecorgi Said:

Well thank you. :) We make sure JP gets plenty of walks and play time to stay trim. It’s really easy for corgis to get fat because they are insatiable when it comes to food (and that cute begging face can be hard for some to resist). JP’s thin coat makes him look even smaller than the average corgi, too.

But to be fair, most tumblr corgis I follow are a good weight. Sometimes that fur and the short legs make them look a little chunky when they’re actually not. And weight can vary within the breed based on gender and height/length.

I’ve also seen morbidly obese corgis. Google “Reba the 70lb Corgi” or “Gus the 78lb Corgi” to see just how badly overweight the breed can get (both were rescued and eventually brought down to a normal weight).


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Living the good life.

albertthedogo said: we have very different taste in men.

What?! I don’t understand. Orlando has abs, Chris has abs. Plus, we both like the Cabbage Merchant. I think we have plenty of common ground to work with here.

I mentioned that Toven started drooling Monday, after JP got home from getting his teeth cleaned. This pic is from Tuesday. He was leaving puddles of spit on the furniture and slurping during playtime. So gross!

The drooling stopped by Wednesday afternoon. I searched the internet to see what was going on - apparently cat drooling is caused by a number of different things. Since we couldn’t find anything lodged in his teeth or stuck under his tongue, and there were no signs of tooth decay or mouth cancer, and he couldn’t have eaten anything to make him sick because Kevin was home, it looked like I was down to stress and nausea.

My best guess is that it was an extreme stress reaction to JP’s procedure (stay with me on this one). Toven was abandoned by his previous owner. He was declawed in the front and neutered by the time we found him. So that’s at least two major surgical procedures that require anesthesia. So my thinking is that Toven is traumatized by the experience. When JP came home groggy, disoriented, and reeking of scary vet smells, it stressed Toven out and caused the drooling.

I’m just glad he’s back to normal. Poor little grump!

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I was challenged to by albertthedogo to the handwritting challenge… so here ya go! I’m a leftie so my lists always end up leaning to the right.

1. Name
2. URL
3. Blog name
4. Crush
5. Favorite color
7. Favorite band
8. Favorite number
9. Favorite drink
10. Tag ten people (unless you’re like me and you’re lazy)

"How do I get down?"

"Oh noes I’m sliding! Halp!"

*Papa saves the day*


faerielandcorgiandbeagle replied to your post: Rocky, that’s not how dogs sleep…

"What’s a dog Momma? Thought I was an asshole?"

Ok, admittedly, the dogs (the boys especially) may respond to commands like “hey, assholes” and “jackasses, come”….

Story Time:

One time, when my dad was…

I love a good story time. :)

moonstarcorgis and twosillycorgis both mentioned that the apartment management is supposed to give 24 hr notice before coming in to inspect.

Well, they didn’t. Not sure I can do much about that. And they didn’t leave a note so I have no clue if they even came by.