These boys of mine.

Top: JP enjoying his morning snuggles and ear scritches. Pure contentment. They do this every morning now. I tried sitting in the “snuggle chair” one day to see if it would work for me, but JP just got mad because I wasn’t papa.

Bottom: Toven snuggled on a pile of Kevin’s just-out-of-the-dryer button up shirts. He was so cute Kev didn’t want to move him.

Kevin didn’t know that I was collecting corgi/cat stories under the “#story time” tag. He had a good laugh as I read through them. His favorite was the one about Toven drooling after JP’s teeth cleaning.

On the other hand, he had forgotten his bad “dad jokes” and that I had published those as well. Bwhahahaha.

This is accurate.

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"Hey mom."


Mist… Is like water dust. #stonercorgi #givemesometacobell #thisissparta

I think Toven is trying to kill me. He’s been licking my arm for 10 mins and my skin is burning.

"Mom, we have something to tell you."


Not For Puppies

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Leo loves checking out the views.

What an awesome view!!

"Look Leo, everything the light touches is our kingdom"

"What about that shadowy place?"

"That’s Wales Leo, you must never go there"

"Mahm, stop taking pitures. I want to dig in the sand already."

Sometimes I just want to smash my head against a hard surface and wash my hands of all this. At the end of the day the shit that I’m fighting for isn’t even a drop in the bucket of “Important Things That Matter,” but I can’t stop myself from fighting for it.

Last weekend, we had some actual fall weather and JP had a blast! We went hiking with friends. Ended up doing over 6 miles! Gha! We were so tired, but JP was still jogging.


"Everything the light touches is my kingdom I will pee on.”

Epic corgi on the beach.


Peanut butter Pumpkin series.