Brofurs for sure.

I got a warm towel out of the dryer and now the boys and I are laying on it and it just feels right.

It has been raining all day. Boo!

In order to burn off the rainy day energy we frapped all morning (I’m not the only one that chases my frapping dog, am I?) and played tug with the new dragon plushie from albertthedogo (he already popped the squeaky).

PS: House is on Netflix!

JP’s Birthday Cake pictures (exactly one week after the fact!).

We broke from tradition a bit this year. We tried a new canned dog food and substituted cheese with peanut butter. JP and Toven watched the cake building process and JP even let T take a quick sniff. Then JP dug in and devoured that sweet, sweet cake. Then he took a nap.

I love ya, JP!

Mary (aka albertthedogo) was kind enough to send JP and Toven some presents for JP’s birthday! Mary you are awesome - THANK YOU.

JP was super excited as soon as he saw the box because he could smell the treats inside. He thinks the buffalo* heart treats are super tasty! He also got a new dragon (how did you know I was thinking about buying a new one? How did you know I wanted the pink one??).

Toven is in love with his fishy feathery teaser. I am a little jealous that both Mary and my mom have had better luck picking out toys for him than I have! Clearly feathers are his thing.

And I got a copy of Maddie on Things (check out the maddieonthings tumblr!) and The Complete French for Cats. I think Toven is going to be pretty stubborn about learning a new language.

(PS: My little cousins were visiting for the day and they thought it was super awesome that JP and Toven got a package in the mail.)

*edit: original post said beef heart but it’s actually buffalo.



Corgi owners, watch out for, they’re taking and posting photos of your dogs without reblogging or crediting you. Keep an eye out for your stuff!

Heads up, y’all.

Why is it so hard to give credit where credit is due??

JP and a few of his toys.

Matching cat in the window.

albertthedogo asked: how much?

$100,000,000 but I’m willing to haggle. I think that’s a fair price, tho.

Corgi in the window.

Corgi birthday presents (and bonus cat presents) from grandma arrived in the mail!

  • Me: Here, would you like to give my dog a cookie?
  • Little kid: *takes cookie, puts it in his own mouth*
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thecorgi thecorgi Said:

1: I love Kroger’s Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chunk ice cream and I am severely unhappy that I am almost out.

2: I like to sew and craft but never get to do either as much as I would like.

3: I think it’s beyond stupid that not including “willing to cover relocation costs” on my resume might be the reason I can’t get a job (or even a response back!) in Atlanta. I have updated said resume and applied for a few jobs tonight so let’s see what happens. I certainly never expected anyone to cover the costs, jeez…

4: I have several scars. One on my leg from when a stool I was standing on broke and sliced my lower leg; one on my eyebrow from when I was headbutted during a spelling bee; one on my arm from my asshole corgi; several on my arms and hands from my rabbits. None from Toven (yet).

5: I am too lazy to cook food.

Vampire cat avoids the sunlight.