Celebrating Barkley’s adoption day with meat cake and peanut butter carrot cake.

Paging thecorgi. Jens Peter, you’re needed in the cupcake department.

Corgis, as a breed, need to learn how to take smaller bites!!

Toven appreciation post. Of all the blue bags in his life, this is his favorite blue bag.

Ok, pet people. I ordered Toven new cat food and the new kibble is significantly smaller & darker than the old kibble (same brand & flavor) and Toven won’t eat it.My concern is that I got a bad batch or even a knock-off (who the hell knows, right?).

I sent a note to the seller through Amazon (I thought I was ordering FROM Amazon so I’m a little miffed that they bait-and-switched me - I went to past orders and clicked the last order of cat food - which was fulfilled by Amazon - and it took me to the same food but a different vendor. I didn’t notice til the food arrived. sigh.) I asked for a refund/replacement. I also contacted the brand itself and sent them pictures to get their opinion. And then I ordered a new bag (I checked - this one IS fulfilled by Amazon).

Am I overreacting? Toven is a cat - he’s not going to be open with me if he’s feeling bad. I don’t have any old food left. But maybe he’s just not eating the new stuff because it’s different, not because it’s a bad batch? UGH?!

The closest they’ve ever come to snuggling with each other. Stalking the neighbors really brings these two together.



Too cute.


hahah, OMG i totally need to teach machete how to do this!

Is it wrong that I’m shopping for a tablet with a front-facing camera JUST TO DO THIS?!

No, it’s not wrong. It’s 100% right.

Kevin decided he should put a ring on it. We’re engaged!



Birthday boy is eyeing the prize.

Reminds me of someone… Happy Barkday, Coop!!

Does it remind you of a certain corgi who swallowed a cupcake, once upon a time, corgiaddict?! :P

(Happy Barkday, Coop! Glad no one stole your cupcake!)


"But Ma… I like strawberries, too. SHAREWITHME."


Just being adorable and posing for the camera!


My beautiful new birthday collar from Katie, JP, and Toven.

Karma is rockin’ her new collar.

Now that I look at that last picture I feel the need to say, “No, I’m not crazy. The chairs are turned backwards to keep JP from jumping up there, because if he jumps up he will jump down and I’m tired of twisted corgi legs and sore backs. We are taking it easy in the household. And he has his raised bed RIGHT THERE. I don’t know why he’s such a butt and won’t use it, I guess he just likes to be dramatic.”

Brofurs for sure.

I got a warm towel out of the dryer and now the boys and I are laying on it and it just feels right.