What kind of face is that, JP?




Got caught sniffing out the chocolate muffin on the coffee table #busted


JP misjudged the depth of the water.

Prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures from our hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park!

corginaut said: I bet Toven lounges in the sun all day and surveys his domain from atop your loft, planning the best way to ambush your ankles.

(In reference to this) YES. Exactly. And he does not miss us in the slightest. BTW, I’m a little concerned at the accuracy of your statement…

Hello there! You have not met your Pay Attention to the Corgi Quota for the day. Would you like to pay attention to me now?


I hope you guys are ready for some epic pictures of JP at the park.

  • Mom: I feel so bad for Toven.
  • Me: What? Why?
  • Mom: While you guys are out hiking and having fun, he's stuck at home! Alone! The poor little guy! He must feel so sad, waiting for you guys to get home.
  • Me: I'm sure he enjoys his alone time. We leave plenty of toys for him to play with.
  • Mom: No, I think he must get lonely.
  • Me: Should we put him on a leash and take him hiking?
  • Mom: ...no, I guess not. Poor little Toven...

albertthedogo said: I thought he was looking for the promised deer.

My mom said the same thing. I totally didn’t even think about it, but he does.

I told you guys I needed a professional captionist! I was so miffed at Kevin for hiding and “ruining” my shot…. I have failed you all with my subpar captioning.

Papa wanted to hide behind the sign while I was trying to get pictures.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

Went hiking again this morning. JP had a blast! We had never gone the full-length of this one trail… we had no idea what we were in for! We were scrabbling over rocks along the side of the river, thinking, “have we lost the trail???” But every time we thought that we’d see another trail marker. JP loved it. The corgi who wants to be lifted onto the sofa could suddenly do a vertical 4ft jump up onto slippery rock. We had trouble keeping up with him!

And, because we are terrible parents, we took him to petco for a bath afterwards. The horror!! But I think he still had a good morning.

Panola Mountain State Park.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

Happy face / Grumpy face.

(from our 4th of July hike!)


Proud to be an Americorg. 

Happy Fourth of July!