Wag.com is offering last month’s Bark Box at a discounted rate so I got JP one. It’s a really cool idea - you can sign up for a subscription at barkbox.com, and every month you get a box full of dog goodies in the mail. You can choose your dog’s size so the toys/food/etc is sized correctly. 10% goes to help shelter dogs. I am going to see what all we get in our box before I decide if it is worth getting a subscription. (Monthly dog goodies in the mail? Prob WORTH IT. And I love getting packages!!)

  1. sherlocks-shenanigans said: I got a really good deal for 3 months on groupon so I signed Sherlock up. He should be getting his first box any day now! I think it’ll probably be worth it to keep it up. Who doesn’t love seeing their pup get a new toy to play with?!? :)
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    Yep, just ordered one! I had to. If this works well for June, I’m no longer buying toys from other places.
  3. queenshiba said: Please post a review of the box when you get it!
  4. southernsnowdogs said: Oh, thanks! Good idea… I just spent $50 on stuff at dogsupplies.com. Juno rips up toys, so we could use these…
  5. emmathebean said: ooo that sounds really cool! Let us know how it goes!
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