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Corgi booty!

Don’t you just wanna plant a big kiss on that adorable forehead?


We fixed up those chairs that Kev found by the compactor. Got a super cute fabric from JoAnn’s. Luckily, Toven completely approved. I could hardly cut the fabric because he kept rolling on it.

These are my boys.

Corgi tracks and deer tracks in the mud at Red Top Mountain.

We went to Red Top Mountain state park yesterday to celebrate labor day weekend. They had a cabin set up with old farm equipment and stuff. JP wanted a better look.

Living the good life.

No comment.

"How do I get down?"

"Oh noes I’m sliding! Halp!"

*Papa saves the day*

There’s something on your nose.

JP’s before and after pics.

Hey thingsonhazelshead, how are we doing?

JP’s teeth cleaning went well! His teeth are extra pearly and he’s extra groggy. But he did really well at the vet (Kevin said he happily went back with the vet tech - it broke Kevin’s heart to see his little boy forget him so easily!).

Toven has been super stressed about his brofur. He’s been drooling - a lot. Keeping an eye on him since 10 thousand things could cause excessive drooling in cats (dental problems to bee stings to being too relaxed). But I’m betting that JP coming home drugged up and smelling funny is what’s done it. Cats are so delicate! They’re like flowers with teeth.

JP is getting his teeth cleaned today and I’m glad because the plaque was getting bad but I’m worried because MAH BABY.