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JP had an awesome weekend! Uncle Tim came to visit and stayed the night. JP had a blast hiking with him. (Tim is allergic to cats, so Toven made sure to bite him while he was sleeping as punishment) Then Uncle James came over. James was our roommate when we first brought JP home, so he is at the top of the list of “bestest people ever.” JP was determined to sit in both of his uncle’s laps at the same time. Then, as if it couldn’t get any better, we found out that our old neighbors have moved to ATL! Daisy is (one of) JP’s (many) girlfriend(s). They went on walks together almost every night. Now they can walk together once more! They spent two hours at the park catching up.

Ah! Such a satisfying was to spend a weekend. :)

Corgi on Rock.

The first pic is from the beginning of the walk. The second is from the end. Look at those long model legs!

Epic corgi.

JP at Sweetwater Creek State Park. He slipped on the rocks and fell into the water. It was like, 2 ft deep! The horror! Good thing papa was there to save him.

I was playing with Toven. Then I looked up and saw my disapproving corgi on the stairs…

Waiting for the food to drop.

Backseat corgi.

I’m king of the world!


It was attached to his head the whole time. Yay!


JP lost an ear at the park. Missing since this past Sunday. Please be on the lookout for a corgi ear! Spread the word.

Surveying his kingdom.

He’s not excited about it being Monday.


Nothing JP loves more than rolling on Kevin’s sweaty clothes. His forehead smells like Kevin’s BO.

And for some reason Toven also smells like an armpit. Hmmm.

Mom, get outta my face.