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Corgi in the window.

Corgi birthday presents (and bonus cat presents) from grandma arrived in the mail!

JP at the cemetary. We walked 2+ miles (would have walked longer if it hadn’t started raining!) and had great fun.

Just chillin’ by the window.

King of the Mudfeets.


I can’t believe it’s been 3 years! My little pup is so grown up!!

JP, thank you for being my corgi. You are the best dog in the world and you are loved.

The cherry blossoms are in bloom!

JP on the car ride home after a long walk at one of his favorite places (the old historic cemetery). At one point during the ride I heard a weird noise and looked back to see him groggily climbing back onto the seat - I think he rolled off while he was asleep!

JP and To share a brotherly nose poke.

I think JP likes his antler fillet.

Guess what came in the mail?! JP’s Best Bully Sticks order!

Himalayan dog chew, salmon jerky, sweet potato treats, salmon skin, a lamb trachea, and an elk antler “fillet.” I couldn’t hide the box from him (he could smell it) so he and To helped me open the box.


My two boys.

Toe shoes and corgis.

JP’s birthday is next weekend! I’ve ordered some very fun stuff, including toys and chews.

These came in yesterday. They’re petprojekt’s large Holobal (blue) and Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Snoop (orange).

For Christmas I got JP petprojekt’s Furchun, and I love it! It is super tricky and durable. The only downside is that hair, crumbs, and dirt sticks to it really easily and it needs to be cleaned often. The Holobal won’t be as much of a challenge but I think he’ll enjoy it none the less! I have my eye on a few other tricky treat dispensers by this same company for future gifts…

As for the Snoop, it popped up on my Amazon suggestions and I just had to get it! Super simple but tricky. A good addition to JP’s collection. As a warning - this toy has a very strong mint smell. I opened the box and it hit me in the face! It warns you of this in the description but I didn’t think it’d be that strong! So you are forewarned.

In addition to this, I’ve also spent $50 at Best Bully Sticks (didn’t get bullies, tho! Ha!). He is going to be so excited!! All that’s left is getting his “barkday cake” (a Cesar Gourmet Filet picked out by the corg himself from PetSmart, with a slice of cheese and 3 cookies on top). Wheeeee!