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"What the hell are you doing back there, Toven?"

"Smelling your butt, of course."

Remember when JP went through the most awkward pubescent growth spurt ever? I can’t believe we thought he was cute! (j/k!)

Can’t you feel the love?

Getting some serious snuggles tonight! JP and I were in the chair and Toven was on the window seat, but I guess he felt left out so he joined us.

At dinner time, JP goes to his crate to wait patiently for mom to get his food ready. Toven similarly sits on the table and awaits his snack. In this photo they are both wondering why I am wasting precious time taking a picture.

JP wasn’t getting enough attention so he made himself irresistible.

It worked.


Hey, you.

A worn out corgi.

There was a lot going on this weekend! Unfortunately we missed a local corgi meetup and we couldn’t go to that event that JP won us a ticket for (although we did sell it for corgi cupcake money).

My parents came up for the weekend to see Mama Mia and to also see their favorite grandbabies (as a bonus, Kevin and I were here, too). We’ve had Toven for 11 months now and my mom has been DYING to meet him. She thinks he is sooooooo cute.

JP was of course super stoked to see my parents. He had a hard time choosing between them so he just ran around tackling everyone! I think he was exceedingly happy that cousin Karma the neck-poker had stayed home. He was also super jealous of everyone petting Toven. He wanted to shove his little brofur outta the way!

Toven was very well behaved. I was worried he would immediately run and hide and ruin my mom’s whole weekend, but he was a champ. Honestly, I had forgotten what a tough little shit he is (this is the former stray who would fearlessly approach corgis and children, after all). He got up and rubbed some legs, sat in his chair and allowed his grandma to pet him, then when he got tired of all the shenanigans he left. He only bit her once. That’s pretty good for him!

Also, the boys have some new treats and toys now thanks to the ‘rents. :)

Can you believe this?! I have to look at this nonsense every. single. morning.


JP waited up for me, sitting in the chair like a parent waiting for a kid that missed curfew.

JP makes faces because he loves his papa sooooo much.

There’s a tree at Sweetwater Creek State Park that reminds me of the Iron Throne.

So, there is this bench at Emory called the “whispering bench.” It’s the typical whisper-here-and-they-can-hear-you-over-there kinda thing.

Kevin whispered to JP… and I think JP thought he was hearing a ghost! Look at that face!