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Prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures from our hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park!

Hello there! You have not met your Pay Attention to the Corgi Quota for the day. Would you like to pay attention to me now?

Papa wanted to hide behind the sign while I was trying to get pictures.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

Went hiking again this morning. JP had a blast! We had never gone the full-length of this one trail… we had no idea what we were in for! We were scrabbling over rocks along the side of the river, thinking, “have we lost the trail???” But every time we thought that we’d see another trail marker. JP loved it. The corgi who wants to be lifted onto the sofa could suddenly do a vertical 4ft jump up onto slippery rock. We had trouble keeping up with him!

And, because we are terrible parents, we took him to petco for a bath afterwards. The horror!! But I think he still had a good morning.

Panola Mountain State Park.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

Happy face / Grumpy face.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

These jerks would rather snuggle with each other than join me in the loft. I have food! Please love me!!

Someone found the cupcake corgi picture again… we’re up to 46K! Insane!

I took this picture after we got home from dropping Kevin off at work. JP refused to get out of the car that day.

I was sitting on the floor with JP, reading a magazine, when I saw Toven get up and start walking towards us. I knew he could only have one motive - to sit on my magazine. But before Toven had the opportunity to, JP jumped to the rescue…. and sat on my magazine before his brofur could.

Thanks, JP.

PS: it was a pet supply magazine.

While I’m in the kitchen, JP is napping and Toven is lurking.

Kevin has been out of town since Friday. JP wasn’t too upset and I thought he was being a real champ about it (he’s a papa’s boy).

But! On our morning walk today, we happened to go by Kevin’s old apartment (same complex, but across the street). JP demanded we go and check out the old apartment. He marched right up to the door and gave it a good long sniff. Then he didn’t want to leave. He seemed pretty bummed out.

Poor little guy. He thought he had found where papa had been hiding. There’s no way to comfort him and let him know he’ll be back tonight.

"When are you getting rid of this joker?" asked Jens Peter, every day.

Begging (and flirting). The kitchen is their favorite place in the house. Their second favorite place is underfoot.

Illustrated: the defeat of the corgi at the paws of the cat.