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JP, you got some sand all over you face.

(A little while later he had sandy eye boogers)

And here’s the corgi who would rather sleep on the floor, tangled in the lamp cord, than snuggle with me and Toven.

Your loss, bud.

What do your corgi eyes see, Jens Peter?


Good morning‼️


He has confirmed me.

JP loves sand!

Everyone gets a window.


Eye contact may have resulted in swatting in the past:

"I don’t trust her. What is she doing? What is she doing right now?!"



A bed dispute. Corki’s booming voice really makes Coco defensive, but Corki never seems to win. Eventually Coco will realize that Corki’s all bark with no consequences. … and then they’ll cuddle?! I’m still waiting for it.

hehehehe :P

I think all corgis would agree that cats are simply the worst.

"What the hell are you doing back there, Toven?"

"Smelling your butt, of course."

Remember when JP went through the most awkward pubescent growth spurt ever? I can’t believe we thought he was cute! (j/k!)


Waiting for some tasty morsels to drop at lunch

Dean is so nicely proportioned. Those ears! Those paws! That face!!

Can’t you feel the love?

Getting some serious snuggles tonight! JP and I were in the chair and Toven was on the window seat, but I guess he felt left out so he joined us.


I think Stacy nailed it. Going to a new vet is like, going on a date - so naturally someone got a bath.

She’s pretty upset. I not ONLY used a whitening shampoo, but conditioner. Another whole extra three minutes in the shower and now she smells like coconuts - the atrocity. Then, I blow dried her. Which, is actually the easy part. She lifts her head up, and sits the entire time. She even was patient enough to let me do (mostly) her body and butt. I think christmas for emma will be a force dryer, considering how often this dog is dirty - it would be a good investment.

Emma looks so sad in that first shot.

"You betrayed me!"