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Tried to go to sleep and this happened.

I can’t even.

Listen, we’re going to need these two to stop being so damn cute.

He was so pumped about rock climbing that he jumped out on this ledge before realizing it didn’t go anywhere.

Regal Rock Climber, Jens Peter.

The noble fairy steed wants his treat. Stat.

What kind of face is that, JP?




Got caught sniffing out the chocolate muffin on the coffee table #busted


JP misjudged the depth of the water.

Prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures from our hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park!

Hello there! You have not met your Pay Attention to the Corgi Quota for the day. Would you like to pay attention to me now?

Papa wanted to hide behind the sign while I was trying to get pictures.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

Panola Mountain State Park.

(from our 4th of July hike!)

Happy face / Grumpy face.

(from our 4th of July hike!)


Proud to be an Americorg. 

Happy Fourth of July!

These jerks would rather snuggle with each other than join me in the loft. I have food! Please love me!!