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Mary (aka albertthedogo) was kind enough to send JP and Toven some presents for JP’s birthday! Mary you are awesome - THANK YOU.

JP was super excited as soon as he saw the box because he could smell the treats inside. He thinks the buffalo* heart treats are super tasty! He also got a new dragon (how did you know I was thinking about buying a new one? How did you know I wanted the pink one??).

Toven is in love with his fishy feathery teaser. I am a little jealous that both Mary and my mom have had better luck picking out toys for him than I have! Clearly feathers are his thing.

And I got a copy of Maddie on Things (check out the maddieonthings tumblr!) and The Complete French for Cats. I think Toven is going to be pretty stubborn about learning a new language.

(PS: My little cousins were visiting for the day and they thought it was super awesome that JP and Toven got a package in the mail.)

*edit: original post said beef heart but it’s actually buffalo.

JP and a few of his toys.

Corgi in the window.

Corgi birthday presents (and bonus cat presents) from grandma arrived in the mail!

JP at the cemetary. We walked 2+ miles (would have walked longer if it hadn’t started raining!) and had great fun.

Just chillin’ by the window.

King of the Mudfeets.


I can’t believe it’s been 3 years! My little pup is so grown up!!

JP, thank you for being my corgi. You are the best dog in the world and you are loved.

O. M. G.
After steadily climbed to 9000 yesterday, I was pretty happy with Cupcake Corgi’s success.

Then corgiaddict reblogged it and !!! we are up to 12000+ this morning!

Guys, at this rate, Cupcake Corgi could TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Let’s make this happen.

Cupcake Corgi hit 9000+ likes/reblogs today.

You have no idea how long I have been waiting to use this:


Today we got to experience our first hanami, which means “flower viewing” in Japanese. People basically gather under all the sakura/cherry blossoms to eat and drink all day. I took many, many pictures and am still in the process of picking photos out, but I just wanted to leave you with these two for now…

There were a couple of bunches of cherry blossoms on the ground that a group of ladies were taking pictures of, and Shanks decided that they looked delicious and ate them. The husband was trying to take them out of the little bully’s mouth but wasn’t all that successful. I’m just glad that the ladies seemed to be distracted by the stinker’s cuteness. Corgis gonna corg, right? Sigh…

Look at his face in the second one!!

The cherry blossoms are in bloom!

JP on the car ride home after a long walk at one of his favorite places (the old historic cemetery). At one point during the ride I heard a weird noise and looked back to see him groggily climbing back onto the seat - I think he rolled off while he was asleep!

JP and To share a brotherly nose poke.

I think JP likes his antler fillet.