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Corgi booty!

Don’t you just wanna plant a big kiss on that adorable forehead?



His paw prints won a Pulitzer. When he plays fetch, the ball comes to him. Sharks have a week dedicated to him. He has won the lifetime achievement award…twice.

He is… the most interesting corg in the world.
Entry for the #PetStyleContest by @emwng, @houndsbazaar, @mycaninekids, @pumpkin.sunshine @themaxbone (at Stay thirsty, my friends.)

We fixed up those chairs that Kev found by the compactor. Got a super cute fabric from JoAnn’s. Luckily, Toven completely approved. I could hardly cut the fabric because he kept rolling on it.


Beach derpin

The derp is strong with this one.

Too strong.

These are my boys.

We went to Red Top Mountain state park yesterday to celebrate labor day weekend. They had a cabin set up with old farm equipment and stuff. JP wanted a better look.


Adventure Corg #emma #corgi #hiking

Living the good life.

No comment.

"How do I get down?"

"Oh noes I’m sliding! Halp!"

*Papa saves the day*

There’s something on your nose.

JP’s before and after pics.

Hey thingsonhazelshead, how are we doing?